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Because art is an adventure.

It's easy to see when someone cares about the space they occupy. People find creative ways to project their personality throughout their environment. I have been involved in amazing things for charity, non-profits, and commercial clients. Anything from customization to full scale murals, your vision can be realized.

Homage to Adolph Treidlers Bermuda circa 1950s Source Crittendon School Cafeteria, a non-profit in Fullerton, CA Sakura: A beautiful mood changer Gina at Crittendon was very clear, they wanted a classic car in this piece Ridin' Pretty The guy that works that espresso machine was happy with the scenery A friend wanted to honor her loving dog, Suzie. Suzie herself was quite taken to this piece. Yes, now, Arctic Puffin



Crit's Diner

The Crittendon School in Fullerton was looking for a 50s diner scene in their cafeteria. I presented three preliminary sketches based on what I felt they wanted. Then, I saw the space.

Not only was it 14 feet wide by 9 feet high, it was odd shaped and a dozen feet in the air. It required a new sketch for the client approval and scaffolding to execute. Fortunately, I like painting while perched up high.

In the end, the client was happy and sent me this photo after they installed all the furniture.

Steampunk Safari

This was fun. Studio 718 at the Santiago Lofts in Santa Ana, CA allowed me to do an exclusive show. You can see the live painting if you click the image. I wanted to combine an old obsession with a developing one, Safaris and Steampunk.

It's fun to imagine, who's on Safari, the animals or the spectator?

Sakura Bedroom

I thought of tea houses. I imagined a relaxing room with fragrant tea, a warm sauna, and a comfortable bed. The Sakura, or Cherry Blossom offers a simple enhancement. It offers a break from the standard, monotonous walls of a bedroom.

This isn't a bedroom anymore. It's a suite

Ridin' Pretty in the Dining Room

This is a pin-up inspired cafe theme. The bicycle was my idea. I love bicycling.

I kept it a silhouette and added the lamp for realism. The light effect was an experimental technique I had honestly never tried. It produced the desired effects and I want to use it in future projects.

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